WhipperSnapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey Review

WhipperSnapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey Review

Whippersnapper is a spirit whiskey and, if you remember from the Kansas Clean Distilled Whiskey Review, to be considered a spirit whiskey the beverage in question must have a grain neutral spirit content of more than 80% but less than 95%. I also mentioned in that review I had a favorite spirit whiskey that had yet to be reviewed. The WhipperSnapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey is that whiskey and this is it’s review.

The bottle boasts that this Hi-Falutin’ whiskey is entirely hand made without the use of computers or robots. The bottle also goes on tell us how after the grains are meticulously milled they go through a pot distillation process and the distillate is then placed in barrels for months or years where it gets a chance to mature. The final blending is 79% Corn Neutral Spirits and 21% Barley Spirits. What part contributes to the grain neutral spirits to make that 80 – 95% I don’t know but seems like it must be all of the corn and some of the barley with some flavoring whiskey included in the barley.

Overall this is a unique and interesting whiskey. The herbal and botanical notes that remind me of Gin along with some caramel and vanilla that remind me of bourbon. The closest thing I could liken it to is sucking on a Werther’s while sipping on some high quality gin after downing a big glass of bourbon. These flavors create a nice balance between the sweet and the savory while fending off a lot of the grain alcohol characteristics. It’s not a daily drinker, it’s not something I’d grab when in the mood for what I consider a traditional whisk(e)y, but all in all pretty decent for a spirit whiskey.

WhipperSnapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey Review

ABV: 42%
Price: $35
Distiller: Ransom Spirits
Mash bill: 79% Corn Neutral Spirits and 21% Barley Spirits

Copper with hints of orange

Pine needles and gin botanicals are right upfront and come as a bit of a surprise. Under the herbaceous coating is a strong caramel backbone that is accompanied by buttered popcorn and butterscotch. The alcohol is a bit high on the nose and can sting a bit, but it’s to be expected with this kind of a spirit.

Caramel comes first with some vanilla keeping it company. Botanical and herbal characteristics come in close behind and make a strong showing. Even though they take second stage to the sweeter notes it’s some buttered popcorn and a warm bourbon like character that wrap up the whole package nice and neat.

Silken, smooth or easy aren’t the right words. It’s more like it meanders around the palate. It takes it’s time.

Caramel and herbs fade to corn and vanilla with a medium-long finish that moves at the pace of Oregon. If you’ve ever been there then you’ll know what I mean.

SCORE: 85/100

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