Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey Review

Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey Review

When I first came across the Kopper Kettle I was gripped with curiosity at both the description and the designation. I’ve never had a Virginia whiskey before and couldn’t wait to review it. Billing itself as a “Twice-distilled, double wood (oak & apple), pot still Virginia Whiskey” it sounded amazing and I can tell you right now. It didn’t disappoint.

This whiskey is unlike most other whiskeys I’ve had. Every time I manipulated it some way (chill it, add water, add ice, aerate, etc.) new flavors emerged. It’s one of those whiskeys that take you by surprise and you’re damn glad you took a gamble on. Which, let’s be honest, sometimes that’s exactly what buying new whiskey is… a gamble.

It’s safe to say that overall I really enjoy this whiskey. It has a flavor that is completely unique, it’s easy to drink, well balanced, as versatile as a whiskey can be and is one hell of a conversation starter as most folks, like my self until now, haven’t had a Virginia Whiskey before.

If you’ve had the Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey feel free to add your own notes or thoughts in the comments below.

Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey Review

ABV: 43%
Price: $22
Distiller: Belmont Farms

Watery Amber – looks quite a bit like apple juice.

The first smell that wafts up is caramel apples and graham crackers followed by almonds and hints of raw red apples. There are some vanilla notes swirling around in there that elevate the experience to the next level.

There is a light buttery caramel that is persistent through out and lays down a very nice base. From there hints of toasted oak, honey, almonds, and candy corn fade in and out as it’s swirled around on the palate.

Soft and buttery it doesn’t hold a whole lot of sting and there is a a slight warming sensation as it goes down. If Bourbon and Scotch are campfires then in comparison this would be one of those little hand warmers you can slip in your gloves.

Shortly after it going down the hatch something amazing happens. Initially you can taste all of the same flavors as before but one by one they disappear until you’re left with the most incredible taste of apples. It’s a very refreshing way for a whiskey to finish and easily encourages a second glass.

SCORE: 87/100



Kopper Kettle – Virginia Whiskey: Empty Bottle Reflections (09-01-14 update)

Kopper Kettle Empty BOttle UpdateIt isn’t classy, it isn’t refined nor is it a world class whiskey. What it is, is unique. When I think of true craft or small batch whiskey these guys always come to mind. What they’re doing is innovative, interesting and I feel like it comes together very successfully in the end. Without a doubt I think this is whiskey everyone should experience at least once to add a new dimension to your whiskey experience.

All pleasantries aside, how’d it fare over the life of the bottle? Well… the youth of of the spirit starts to poke it’s head out more and more as the bottle inches towards empty. The wonderful crisp flavor of the apple wood fades a bit and the grain moves up a bit. There is a slight edge of harshness that stats to creep in and it’s not as playful as it was when first opened. Even though I docked 3 points to give it a final score of 87, I still think it’s a fun and interesting whiskey that is worth sipping neat. I just wish they hadn’t doubled the price on it, otherwise I’d be going out to grab another bottle right now.

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  1. I just tried this while on a bender of whiskeys made (either partially or entirely) in Virginia after checking out the Bowman Distillery in Fredericksburg. I’ve got to say, this whiskey is great for its price at around $28. Like you said, it doesn’t do anything crazy, but the flavor complexity (love the oak) that evolves with water, makes this a great whiskey that I will gladly revisit every so often. Also, the novelty of being a Virginia Whiskey makes it a unique experience that every fan of good whiskey should try.

      • How long was your bottle open before you started to noticed the “unruliness”? I am about half way through and still enjoying it. I liked it so much, I bought a second bottle. I enjoy your site. Thank you!

        • It was about 3/4 of the way to empty and the bottle had been opened for somewhere around 9-10 months when I noticed the youth and grain showing up more than it initially had. I still enjoyed it all the way to the end and if I could have gotten it for $22 again I would have another bottle sitting on my shelf right now 🙂

  2. A friend and I tasted this a few years ago in D.C. He’s in the are now and having a hard time finding it. Any idea where he might find a bottle or two near the D.C. area?

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