Jailers Tennessee Whiskey Review

Jailer's Tennessee Whiskey

While trying to decide what whiskeys to get for American Whiskey Month here on The Whiskey Jug I knew I was going to have to do a Tennessee whiskey and I was pretty sure it was going to have to be Jack Daniel’s. Then I stumbled across this fun little treasure from the Agriculture and Commerce State (Tennessee) and suddenly American Whiskey month was shaping up to a little more than your standard go-to American Whiskeys.

The background on this Whiskey was always shrouded in mystery as they were getting their whiskey from an undisclosed source and Jailer’s was just bottling it. That’s nothing new, look at the plethora of LDI/MGP whiskey out there, but that mystery is a moot point now as the company has outrun their initial funding and have had to close shop. So if you’re picking up a bottle enjoy it because it’s going to get very hard to find it very soon.

Jailers Tennessee Whiskey Review

ABV: 43%
Price: $26
Bottler: The Tennessee Spirits Company (they “found” the barrels so…)

Amber caramel

The whiskey spice hits hard right off the bat, but it sows down after a few seconds and some great notes of toffee, marzipan, and oranges start to come through. There are also some undertones of burnt maple and an almost raw quality to the overall scent.

It’s surprisingly sweet upfront but the charcoal does make itself known. There’s not a huge amount of caramel to speak of, but there are some soft grainy flavors that are enhanced by a touch of citrus and something I can only describe as smoked ham. When chilled there is a very unique melon-like sweetness that peaks it’s head out to say hello. Despite the plethora of very dessert like flavors it doesn’t come across as sweet and is something that could easily be enjoyed all day.

The aftertaste initially reminded me of skittles, but then the medium long finish fades down to a nice warm cinnamon and grains aftertaste that has more in common with a rye than a bourbon as I didn’t pick up any of the corn notes that traditionally come with bourbons (which this technically is).

Well balanced with a medium body. There is a slight burn up front and a little rough going down, but it’s oily texture helps keep things in line. Overall it has a great mouthfeel and you won’t have to chug or shoot it to get it down.

I enjoyed it quite a bit. Far more than I do Jack, Gentleman Jack, or Jack Single barrel. To me it had a bit more complexity and diversity in it’s flavor than what I’ve typically found in good old #7. It doesn’t have that motor oil like quality that is often associated with Jack Daniels, but there is still a certain oiliness to it that is an oddly nice sensation when coupled with the flavor

SCORE: 87/100


Jailer’s Tennessee Whiskey: Last Glass Update (10-12-14)

Sad sad sad. Very sad this one has gone out of production. I really liked it. There was a lot of speculation around it’s origin online and while it’s a bit annoying to not know where your whiskey comes from it never truly bothered me unless they claim to have distilled it, which they didn’t. 3rd party bottlings happen all the time… it’s not that big of a deal.
What is a big deal is the flavor in this whiskey. It’s one that I can constantly come back to and enjoy over and over. It’s one that I can rely on and enjoy no matter what my mood and not matter what the day. It’s a solid dependable whiskey and I’m sad to see it go, but that’s the way of the world.
So long Jailer’s Tennessee Whiskey. You were delicious while you were here. Your cinnamon, caramel, and wood notes have grown and matured while you’ve been in my company and while you haven’t earned any additional points during your stay you have been a solid go-to and really, I can’t ask for much more than that.
FINAL VERDICT: Buy it if you can find it. It’s almost all gone and definitely worth the price.
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11 Responses to Jailers Tennessee Whiskey Review

  1. Damn, I had just bought my second bottle from our local store here in Pasadena and decided to google the place cuz I thought this was a darn good distillery. Really out of biz! Thought I had a well priced go to drinking partner in Jailers…. ;(

    • I feel the same way. Don’t know which bottle shop you go to in Pasadena, but last time I was at Mission (1.5 months ago) they had a pretty healthy stock of it still on the shelves.

  2. I know that jailers is coming back to some big time distributors around the country. so expect to this awesome produc on some shelves again.

  3. I got introduced to Jailers after seeing it on the clearance rack at my local packie. Good stuff, great in Coke, and solo is quite tasty. Not bad for eleven bucks a 750. I have better buy the rest in stock before they are gone forever!

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