High West Bourye Review

High West Bourye Review

High West’s Bourye is a blend of two straight rye whiskeys (LDI and Barton) and some Four Roses bourbon which is itself a high rye bourbon. When it first came out it was the only bourbon-rye blend on the market making it as unique as the jackalope which adorns it’s label. We don’t know what the ratios are in the blend, but even if it’s 50% Four Roses (which isn’t likely since the LDI rye would be cheaper to source) the dominant grain here is rye; effectively making this a bourbon-sweetened rye whiskey. Which is exactly what it tastes like.

Now for the sad news. The original Bourye is no longer available on the market. However you can still stumble across it in liquor stores and it’s Son is rather easy to find. The Son is a different blend, but it’s still pretty good and both are much better, in my opinion, than the Wild Turkey Forgiven which is also a blend of a high rye bourbon and a straight rye whiskey.

Overall this stuff is just silly good. The complex spices, deep earthy tones and sharp rye notes pair perfectly with the caramel and vanilla sweetness of the bourbon. It’s a magnificent whiskey that, as previously stated, basically tastes like a sweet, high quality, rye whiskey and there’s nothing wrong with that. Should you come across a bottle gathering dust in a bottle shop somewhere or find a bar that has a bottle I’d highly recommend you give it a go.

High West Bourye Review

Bottle: 329

ABV: 46%
Price: $60 (Sold Out)
Distiller: Four Roses, LDI and Barton.
Mashbills: 10 yr. Four Roses bourbon (75% corn, 20% rye & 5% barley malt), 12 yr. LDI straight rye (95% rye & 5% barley malt), and a 16 yr. Barton straight rye (53% rye, 37% corn & 10% malt).

Caramel with amber accents

Rye comes in hot and heavy with caramel, a slightly astringent oak, dark fruit and cinnamon taking up most of the aroma. Bourbon spice, vanilla, orchard fruit and an ambiguous sweetness fill in some of the cracks, but don’t quite cover it. The aroma here is very complex and rich; I feel like I pick out a hint of something new with every glass.

Rye spice and oak mixes with dark fruit and caramel create a solid frame for the complex flavor profile of this whiskey. Leather and cinnamon along with bourbon undertones, corn, dill and a host of sweet and savory notes are woven into this rich tapestry of flavor.

Well balanced and full bodied with a great laid back feel that makes it obscenely easy to sip.

Caramel, oak, dark fruit and a bit of citrus hang out on a long, slightly dry, finish.

SCORE: 94/100

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  1. bourye is coming back! david and the folks at high west just re-released it! i can’t imagine its the same blend as before but exciting nonetheless

  2. Hot damn! Just got “stuck” with a glass of this as a substitute at a place that was out of the Ryemageddon, and I couldn’t be happier.

  3. I have Rendezvous and love it, but haven’t had any other High West products. Looking to change that…
    Son of Bourye, Double Rye, American Prarie @ $40
    Campfire, Yippee Ki Yay, Valley Tan Utah Oat @ $60
    Bourye @ $80

    I value quality over quantity, but both are always factors… Say Im lookig to drop $80-100 pre-tax dollars. Whats the play?

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